Our top 5 winter wedding trends for 2021

Lucky for us in Tweed, tying the knot in the winter months means enjoying the abundant golden hour glow! We are all about keeping up with the latest trends, so here are our top five to make your dream winter wedding even more glamorous!

1. Winter colour palette

Celebrate the seasonal colour palette by incorporating it into every aspect of your wedding. Burgundies, amber tones and bottle greens – this timeless colour combo is all the rage for 2021 and can be incorporated into decor, bridesmaids dresses, bouquets and even the groomsmen’s bowties!

2. Concept lighting

Take the golden hour glow and bring it straight into the reception with the use of concept lighting. Fairy lights, vintage light bulbs, transparent lanterns or even candles are the perfect little touch to light up those winter nights (and create the perfect lighting for reception photos)! 

Check out our amazing wedding stylist suppliers, who are sure to spark your imagination!

3. Outdoor weddings

Last year sent us inside but now outdoor weddings are booming! Could there be a more picture-perfect outdoor setting than this? With a crisp clear breeze and ultimate golden hour glow, our very own wedding location Rowan Robinson park offers the perfect picturesque backdrop for your ceremony. 

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4. Bright and leafy decor

Elevate your winter colour palette with touches of greenery at your ceremony and reception. Arbours, floral arrangements, table centerpieces and hanging plants that incorporate these natural green colours are certainly trending at the moment. 

Check out this setup by one of our suppliers, The Planted Co, for some leafy inspiration!

5. Bring the destination to you

Your dream destination wedding may be off the cards but you can still bring the destination to you! 2021 is all about the experiential travel which can easily be showcased through the look and feel of your wedding. We’re talking about food, fashion, drinks, music and even the place cards; all of which can all help in transporting you and your guests anywhere around the globe.

We have plenty of wedding stylists and suppliers who are up for the challenge!

Tie The Knot in style with this special!

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Five tips for how to host the perfect brunch wedding

For a unique celebration that’s much more affordable and memorable than a standard wedding, a brunch wedding and reception is a charming idea that’s been increasing in popularity.

We love hosting weddings and receptions at all hours at Babalou, so read on for our tips on how to host the perfect brunch wedding right here in Kingscliff!

1. Master your timeline

While weddings would typically follow the ceremony, then cocktail hour, then reception format, a brunch wedding might see guests gathering for a coffee or tea, enjoying the ceremony, and then immediately taking their seats at the brunch table to celebrate. 

However you choose to structure your celebration, make sure guests know the plan (maybe with a program or posters on easels) so they’re not left guessing the somewhat unfamiliar schedule!

2. Set up a mimosa bar

Nothing says brunch like mimosas… At Babalou, we love working on speciality bars and custom cocktails, so your dream of a mimosa bar could easily become a reality!

We could explore different flavours using different juices, and either run the bar as a station during your event, or offer guests a mimosa post-ceremony in place of the traditional champagne.

3. Keep the decor morning-appropriate

Some typical wedding elements (like candles, fairy lights and dance floors) just won’t be suited to a brunch wedding for obvious reasons. Instead, our event planners recommend keeping things naturally light and bright—this could include the scheme of your napery, florals, and even what you wear.

4. Offer a variety of brunch foods

One of the major drawcards of a brunch wedding is the menu! At Babalou, we offer a brunch package that features delicious shared dishes including brioche French toast with ricotta and maple, smoked ham on the bone, and cured salmon with creme fraiche and capers on toasted sourdough.

Instead of a wedding cake, you could even offer a stack of pancakes or waffles! You can read more about our favourite wedding cake alternatives here.

5. Make plans for afterwards

While receptions typically kick-on until later in the night, your brunch reception will probably wrap up just after lunchtime, leaving the whole day for more wedding fun!

You could opt to move willing guests to another location to keep the party going, keep your close family around to celebrate in a more intimate way, or send everyone home to reconvene (in more party-friendly outfits) later in the evening.

Wedding Trends: Our Predictions for Autumn 2021

Out with the old and in with the new! With the change of seasons comes countless fabulous wedding trends. It was a tough call but we’ve narrowed down our top five trends for autumn weddings in the Tweed Coast for 2021! 

1. Autumn colour palette

Neutral tones mixed with burgundy, burnt orange, red, shady green and bluish hues, the autumn colour palette is one of the biggest draws of an autumn wedding. Incorporating these colours through native bouquets, broaches and ties, or table decorations is a great way to add vibrancy, colour, and a bit of boho flair to your special day.

Make your autumn colour palette ideas come to life with one of our wedding suppliers today!

2. Emphasis on video

If pictures say a thousand words, then video says a million! Video is becoming the leading way for couples to tell the story of their wedding day by sharing moments captured in their purest forms. It also allows couples to show their personality and creative flair. We have also seen an increase in the incorporation of film, conveying a vintage and nostalgic feel which is sure to continue into autumn.

We have the pleasure of working with some amazing videographers at Babalou.

3. Sustainable practices

With couples being more eco-conscious than ever, expect to see single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials swapped out for more sustainable alternatives. Biodegradable confetti is our personal favourite, including rose petal confetti. 

We have a wide range of suppliers who are amazing at finding ways to add sustainable practices to your wedding. Click here to view our list!

4. Weekday weddings

Locking in a date at your preferred venue can be tricky when limited to weekends. Expect to see an increase in weekday weddings during autumn, as weekend dates fill up fast. That doesn’t make weekday weddings any less  special; Wednesday is actually considered the luckiest day to get married! With suppliers and venues opening up weekday slots, weekday weddings may be a great way to capitalise on some of the other autumn trends, especially if you plan on making the most of our special ‘I Do’ offer for weddings in July, August, November or December 2021. Besides, who doesn’t love a day off work?

5. Increase in greenery

Floral decoration is a given at weddings, but this trend kicks it up a notch. Expect to see an increase in greenery incorporated as floral arrangements, centrepieces and adorning arches this autumn. Adding more green touches is a great way of infusing your special day with colour and nature.

Check out our favourite florists for some greenery inspo!

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How to plan a memorable vow renewal ceremony

Say “I do”… again!

After a wild ride in 2020, why not refresh your commitment and celebrate your love all over again in 2021? Vow renewals are a sweet and sincere way to mark your commitment and reminisce on your wedding after ten, 20, or 50 years of marriage, and also happen to be a fantastic excuse for a party!

We love hosting alternative marriage celebrations and renewal ceremonies at Babalou Weddings and Events, so read on for our tips on how to plan a vow renewal that’s uniquely you!

Enlist friends and family

While your vow renewal should be all about the happy couple, doing it all over again is a great chance to welcome and include people who’ve entered your lives since your wedding, new children or grandchildren, and anyone who couldn’t make it the first time around. Plus, because a vow renewal isn’t a legal ceremony, anybody can officiate!

As well as allowing you to welcome a whole new set of guests, your vow renewal is a great chance to remember the ones who aren’t around anymore— a photo book or projected slideshow of the familiar faces that were at your original celebration always makes for some happy memories.

“Wow” with the vows

A renewal ceremony offers a great chance to reflect on the initial vows you made to your partner—and be honest about whether you’ve lived up to them! Take the chance at your vow renewal ceremony to not only solidify your original vows, but also address some of the things you’ve learned about each other throughout the period of your marriage.

Scrap any obligations you felt the first time around

Weddings often carry a lot of pressure to adhere to the “norm” (though our events experts at Babalou know that there’s no such thing!). The second time around, feel free to plan everything exactly how YOU like—what you wear, what your guests eat and drink, and what music plays, for instance. 

While your original ceremony was probably quite structured, our beachside wedding locations and reception venue make for the perfect relaxed celebration of your love, without the fuss, stuffiness, and binding tradition that many feel trapped by during the wedding planning process!

A few throwbacks go a long way

A renewal is all about affirming your original commitment, after all… Why not refresh guests’ memories and present memorabilia from your first ceremony like your wedding dress, booklet, some photos, and maybe even significant gifts in a tableau-style arrangement to celebrate your original nuptials while enjoying your renewal!

Some of the songs, menu items or speeches that were made at your original ceremony might provide a few giggles, too.

Creative ways to keep guests cool at summer weddings

There are plenty of positives to hosting a summer wedding (longer days, gorgeous photos, no need to rug up…), but weddings in warmer weather, especially in sunny Australia, do come with challenges too.

Now that nuptials are well and truly back on the cards, we’ve gathered some cute and creative ways to keep your guests cool if you’re planning a wedding for the warmer months!

Personalised fans

A sweet take-home memento from your celebration, fans with you and your partner’s name and wedding date on one side and your guest’s name on the other are a practical way to keep things cool! Whether you opt for a folding fan or keep it simple with a hand fan, this unique favour is cute and practical—perfect.

Ice block stations

Whether you offer them before your ceremony, while you’re taking photos afterwards, or during the reception, a station with colourful ice blocks is a sweet and nostalgic way to keep your guests cool, and provides a cute talking point. Go the extra mile and match the flavours and colours to your wedding theme!


Providing plenty of photo ops (as well as some much-needed shade) a basket of pretty parasols is a chic way to let your guests keep cool in warmer weather. Our beachside venue pairs perfectly with classic white parasols, or you could opt for a bunch that match your wedding’s scheme.

Decorative arbours/sails

For a late-afternoon wedding, consider the addition of shady arbours/sails to give your guests some relief from the summer sun! Our location by the beach suits raw, floaty fabrics like linen, as well as organic beachy materials like palm fronds. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate construction—a makeshift beach tent using will do the trick (and provides a great backdrop for your photos, too). 

Delicious alternatives to a traditional wedding cake

Whether you’re eschewing tradition in a few aspects of your wedding, or just looking to freshen things up a bit, a sweet update to the old-school wedding cake is a crowd-pleasing way to update your big day.

Here at Babalou, we regularly host couples looking to mix up classic wedding traditions for more contemporary takes, and cakes are no exception! Read on for our guide to some delicious and fun alternatives to a classic wedding cake.


A formidable pastry concoction that came to the fore for most Aussies in the early seasons of MasterChef, croquembouche are comprised of custard-filled choux pastries, stacked high in a signature cone shape.

The spun sugar that typically binds the choux together makes for a pretty statement dessert from which guests can pluck their sweets throughout your reception! Looking for a croquembouche supplier near Babalou? We recommend the experts at Salt Village French Patisserie, who even offer a “grande” croquembouche at almost two metres tall!

Doughnuts and macarons

The perfect few bites, doughnuts and macarons are a fun way to treat your guests to a sweet without the mess and hassle of cutting into cake!

Some fun ways to display doughnuts and macarons include piled high on cake stands (work with your florist to get some food-sage bunches done up in your wedding floral scheme to decorate), or doughnuts stacked up on poles or threaded onto boards. Rebel at Rebellyous Cake Co dishes up some stunning wedding sweets using doughnuts, while we love the colourful mini macarons made by Cubby Bakehouse.

Ice cream cart

Perfect for Babalou’s beachside location, a wedding ice cream cart is a fun, Aussie twist on the usual wedding cake! Choose a range of popular flavours and opt for a DIY station with sauces and toppings, or go vintage with an Italian-style gelato cart manned by an ice cream attendant.

This fun dessert option also makes for some great photo opportunities with the wedding party, especially if you opt for vibrant, colourful flavours like raspberry, pistachio, and lemon!

Cupcake tower

For those couples who still want the wedding cake statement without the hassle of choosing, ordering, and plating a whole cake for guests, cupcakes make the perfect compromise! You can even present them in a tier to resemble a traditional wedding cake.

We recommend ordering a range of flavours so guests can take their pick, and arranging some cute paper boxes so guests can take one home as a sweet reminder of your celebration. The bakers at The Vanilla Rabbit have perfected the art of intricate, colourful cupcakes, and service the Kingscliff area!

How to save on your dream wedding!

Are you looking to make the wedding of your dreams more budget-friendly? Our wonderful team at Babalou is here to save (literally and figuratively) the day!

Plan your dream wedding on a budget

Your dream wedding can start to add up with all the little details that go into it, so knowing how to cut down costs without sacrificing too much is important. 

If you’re starting to plan your wedding, we’ve put together a few ways that can help you stay within budget and achieve your dream wedding. These ideas, in conjunction with our Once in a Lifetime offer, are guaranteed to make your wedding day even more special!

Wedding Packages 

Wedding packages are a great way to save money and they can cover a range of important wedding factors. 

Our Once in a Lifetime offer gives you complimentary premium room hire, a two-course alternate drop menu (entrée and main), four-hour beverage package, and flexibility on booking conditions to assist with COVID-19 related issues. Book your wedding between August 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021 to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer! Our friendly staff are currently taking enquiries here.

The Wedding Date

Selecting the date to get hitched is an important factor that can save you money! The most popular days of the week to get married are Saturday and Sunday, and the high demand of venues and vendors on these days affects the cost greatly. Choosing a weekday to get married will save you a small fortune on a range of elements that go into your wedding. 

However, if a weekday wedding doesn’t suit you and your guests, we suggest choosing a date in the wedding off-season. The colder months of autumn and winter usually have lower demand, which means you may find it cheaper to book a date during these seasons. 

Location, Location, Location

Having a picturesque wedding is at the top of everyone’s wish list for their wedding, and having your reception nearby will save you travel costs as well as the opportunity to receive discounts for using local venues. 

For example, our venue provides you with a stunning location to have your reception, thanks to our panoramic ocean views and gorgeous nearby ceremony locations to suit your dream wedding desires. Check out our wedding ceremony suggestions that are conveniently located a short distance from Babalou. 


Save on postage costs and send your invitations and save-the-dates online! Websites like Paperless Post allow you to create beautiful invites that get emailed to the recipient, and allows them in turn to RSVP and let you know their dietary requirements.

Additionally, you can send reminder emails to your guests, meaning you don’t need to stress yourself out following-up with everyone. 

Have friends lend you a hand

Many of us have talented friends and family who can bake amazing cakes or are fantastic at hair and make-up. Why not ask them if they would help with your wedding? It may be cheaper as they can give you a discount (or offer it as a wedding gift), and it adds a special touch to your wedding day. 

Otherwise, have your trustworthy friends and family members help pick up flowers, cake or decorations to save you money on delivery costs and make the day run smoothly! 


Save money on wedding decorations and create a Pinterest mood board filled with DIY decorations for your wedding. You’ll be surprised at the gorgeous things you can create that will add a personal touch to your wedding, and make all your guests ask who did the decorations! You can even gather your friends for an artsy night in or ask your partner to join in on the fun.

Top 8 Birthday Party Ideas

So, your birthday is coming up and you need some birthday party ideas? Or perhaps you’re in search of a venue for a friend or family member?

Regardless of the reason, Babalou is the perfect spot to host your birthday bash. And, besides, birthdays only roll around once a year, so here are our top birthday party ideas for a celebration you’ll never forget.

Boho Chic

There’s so much to love about a boho-chic soiree in our beachfront function space. With an abundance of natural light, our stylish and modern interior provides the perfect blank canvas for your bohemian dream.

Floral garlands, rustic wood, antique shabby chic tableware; however you’ve imagined your bohemian celebration, our team will go above and beyond to bring your birthday party ideas to life.

Classy & Coordinated

The concept behind this birthday party theme is simple; choose a colour, dress accordingly, and let our professional team take care of the rest. Whether it’s a sea of green, pink, orange or red, we’ll collaborate with our preferred suppliers to ensure the decorations, food and drinks all match.

Because, you’ve made it this far in life, and you totally deserve an awesome birthday shindig.

Cool & Coastal

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or an age in between, when planning a cool and coastal shindig, birthday party venues don’t get much better than our beachfront function space. Set the scene with an acoustic band to knock out laidback tunes as you mingle over rustic share plates with guests.

In the background, the abundance of natural light, cool décor, and ocean views will flawlessly pull off the ultimate beachy vibes you’ll be seeking for your event.

Wedding Venue Kingscliff

Vintage Retro

When the time arrives to sift through birthday party venues, Babalou is the ideal location to raise your glass to another lap around the sun, especially with a vintage retro theme. Our fully serviced bar, large dance floor, and in-house Bose multimedia system form a solid foundation for your crew to get down and boogie.

When they’re in need of a break from the dance floor, take a flash back in time and amuse them with a vintage styled photobooth, pinball, Pac-Man machine, and polaroid cameras for use as a novelty.

Beach Wedding Venue Queensland

Cocktails & Canapés

Bust out your classiest threads and indulge in a cocktail and canape birthday spread. One of the most unique birthday party venues in Kingscliff, Babalou exceeds all expectations in executing the vision of your classy soiree.

Think; chef-prepared seasonal canapes, elegant cocktails, stylish interiors and décor, external balcony and ocean views. We’ll admit that our state-of-the-art facilities are enough to make anyone swoon.

Black-Tie Soiree 

Our function room is one of the best beachfront birthday party venues for a black-tie soiree, thanks to the stylish interior and chic decorations. The panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean pair well with our external balcony and internal room with polished hardwood floors. It’s the kind of upmarket setting that’s ideal for an evening of ball gowns, three-piece suits and an overall atmosphere of class.

Our full-service bar is licensed until midnight, giving you and your partygoers plenty of time to mingle while enjoying cocktails and a range of craft beers and wine. There’s no need for your guests to go hungry with our indulgent sit-down dinners and a selection of hand-picked share plates showcasing fresh and local produce.

A Long Lunch for the Ladies 

Looking for birthday party ideas for your favourite girlfriends? Treat everyone to a long and social lunch by Kingscliff Beach with a few bottles of champagne or a selection of enticing cocktails. It’s a great way to catch up between work hours when life gets too busy for evening plans.

We can arrange a multi-course lunch or stick with one course or some tantalising share plates crafted and served by our expert catering team. The air-conditioned interior creates a welcoming space during summer, while the outdoor area can be transformed into an open-air birthday party venue overlooking the ocean.

Keep it Simple, Yet Fancy with a High Tea 

One of the most underrated birthday party themes, high tea brings everyone together for a relaxed morning or afternoon of gourmet teas, light bites and plenty of laughs. We believe the perfect high tea platter caters to both savoury and sweet-inclined friends with a selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones (don’t forget the jam and cream), cupcakes, mini quiches and sponge cakes.

Wash it all down with some heart-warming tea during winter or opt for refreshing iced tea, juice or punch during the warmer months. Champagne is always an option for those wanting to liven up the party with some bubbles.