How To Have The Perfect Summer Wedding

Nothing adds warmth to a gorgeous wedding quite like a summer breeze. We love helping couples tie the knot against the backdrop of a sunset, so read on to discover Babalou’s essentials for the perfect summer wedding.

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Save The Dates

Summertime is the perfect season to celebrate your wedding. However, it is also the time of the year when most people are free to chase the sunshine, which means many of your close family and friends will whisk themselves away. Unless that is, you send out Save The Dates. At Babalou, we believe the earlier the better, so aim to send Save The Dates six to eight months before your wedding day.

Keep Your Guests Cool

You may love a summer climate and sunny days, but not all your guests will feel the same. Creating the perfect summer wedding requires a few extra deliberations to ensure that your guests stay cool throughout the ceremony. Scout your potential wedding venues for shade, a big Figtree or additional space where a stunning marquee could be built. Beach weddings consider market umbrella’s like our couple did above. Drink stations with icy cold waters or flavoured lemonades are a perfect addition for after the ceremony. 

Opt For Lighter Catering

While decadent lamb shoulders, filet mignons, and indulgent slabs of pink salmon are often favourites when it comes to selecting the main dish served at your wedding, such heavy meals won’t fare well amongst the summer heat (and your guests). For the perfect summer wedding menu, we suggest moving away from hot dishes and opt instead for lighter courses instead. Gourmet salads, seasonal fruits and fresh seafood are what you need to ensure happy feasting at your summer wedding.

Lighter, Season Appropriate Fabrics

Choosing a wedding dress made of fine lace or tulle over glossy satin or brocade will work wonders for comfort during your summer wedding day. Staying with the tradition of wearing white will reflect the sun, while adventurous brides could opt for a stunning cocktail dress. As for the groom, wearing crisp linens in fair tones will keep him comfortable and looking handsome, especially if the summer wedding is taking place on the coast.

Customise & Personalise

Don’t be afraid to be inventive when preparing guests for the heat during your summer wedding. Special touches such as serving signature cocktails, handing out beautiful fans featuring the names of guests, or surprising guests with a cute gelato cart all serve the dual purpose of keeping everyone cool and adding extra fun to your perfect summer wedding.

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