Five Wedding Trends You Should Know For 2019

The season of proposals is upon us, and soon engagements will start popping up all over social media as 2019 begins. If one of those proposals happens to be you, congratulations! It’s never too early to start planning your upcoming wedding, so without further ado, here are five wedding trends to look out for in 2019.

Zero Waste Weddings

Throwing confetti is out and plastic-free is in. 2018 saw a growth in zero waste weddings as couples become more environmentally conscious, which is a sustainable trend predicted to continue as the new year rolls around.

Planning a zero-waste wedding may be tough, but an overall rewarding experience for couples who are environmentally-friendly.

Taking into consideration sustainable practices such as sending out wedding invites and thank you cards on 100% recycled paper.  E-vite save the dates and wedding websites are another eco-friendly way to do things and becoming increasingly popular. Have your recycled place cards embedded with seeds so guests can plant them after so they also fare a favour. Mini succulents or something edible also work out as an earth friendly gift for your guests.  

Hire or purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress will keep the Earth happy and add a unique aspect to your upcoming wedding.  Here at Babalou, we have started making small changes by switching to paper straws, recycling our bottles and limiting our disposable waste.  Every little change helps make a big difference.

Modern Brides

Speaking of the dress, opting for a classic white wedding gown is becoming less common as the years go on.

Modern brides are taking points from recent bridal icon Meghan Markle and defying tradition with décolletage-baring or off-the-shoulder dresses featuring crisp geometric lines over lace and chiffon.

In 2019, the more contemporary the better, with some bridal designers adding bright colours, sequins and jumpsuits to their wedding collections.

Dessert Tables

Past wedding receptions in our Kingscliff venue would often revolve around a huge cake ‘moment’, where the bride and groom come together to cut the first slice.

However, our industry experts at Babalou anticipate that overall, traditional wedding elements such as the cake will fall on the wayside as dessert stations grow in popularity instead.

Think stunning cupcake displays, donut walls, gourmet cake pops, and fruit tarts… whatever your preference when it comes to dessert, our friendly wedding organisers at Babalou can help you every step of the way.

Shared Dining

We have seen firsthand at our Kingscliff wedding venue, that brides and grooms are requesting shared dining experiences instead of traditional sit-down alternate drop styles catering.

Having shared dining at the reception affords you the ability to better personalise the food, and allows guests more room to mingle freely with others.  

For example, we anticipate trends such as fresh seafood bars for summer weddings, themed pop up food stations, custom pizzas, and even taco stands becoming reception favourites in 2019.

Switching Off & Unplugging

‘Switched Off’ weddings are no longer unique to just the nuptials of celebrities and the camera-shy.

Also known as the unplugged wedding, switching off during the ceremony and even reception has many benefits, including allowing guests to be in the moment rather than in your professional photographer’s way.

Opting for a switched off wedding in 2019 ensures a sea of smiles instead of a sea of phones during your special day.

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