How to plan a memorable vow renewal ceremony

Say “I do”… again!

After a wild ride in 2020, why not refresh your commitment and celebrate your love all over again in 2021? Vow renewals are a sweet and sincere way to mark your commitment and reminisce on your wedding after ten, 20, or 50 years of marriage, and also happen to be a fantastic excuse for a party!

We love hosting alternative marriage celebrations and renewal ceremonies at Babalou Weddings and Events, so read on for our tips on how to plan a vow renewal that’s uniquely you!

Enlist friends and family

While your vow renewal should be all about the happy couple, doing it all over again is a great chance to welcome and include people who’ve entered your lives since your wedding, new children or grandchildren, and anyone who couldn’t make it the first time around. Plus, because a vow renewal isn’t a legal ceremony, anybody can officiate!

As well as allowing you to welcome a whole new set of guests, your vow renewal is a great chance to remember the ones who aren’t around anymore— a photo book or projected slideshow of the familiar faces that were at your original celebration always makes for some happy memories.

“Wow” with the vows

A renewal ceremony offers a great chance to reflect on the initial vows you made to your partner—and be honest about whether you’ve lived up to them! Take the chance at your vow renewal ceremony to not only solidify your original vows, but also address some of the things you’ve learned about each other throughout the period of your marriage.

Scrap any obligations you felt the first time around

Weddings often carry a lot of pressure to adhere to the “norm” (though our events experts at Babalou know that there’s no such thing!). The second time around, feel free to plan everything exactly how YOU like—what you wear, what your guests eat and drink, and what music plays, for instance. 

While your original ceremony was probably quite structured, our beachside wedding locations and reception venue make for the perfect relaxed celebration of your love, without the fuss, stuffiness, and binding tradition that many feel trapped by during the wedding planning process!

A few throwbacks go a long way

A renewal is all about affirming your original commitment, after all… Why not refresh guests’ memories and present memorabilia from your first ceremony like your wedding dress, booklet, some photos, and maybe even significant gifts in a tableau-style arrangement to celebrate your original nuptials while enjoying your renewal!

Some of the songs, menu items or speeches that were made at your original ceremony might provide a few giggles, too.