Five tips for how to host the perfect brunch wedding

For a unique celebration that’s much more affordable and memorable than a standard wedding, a brunch wedding and reception is a charming idea that’s been increasing in popularity.

We love hosting weddings and receptions at all hours at Babalou, so read on for our tips on how to host the perfect brunch wedding right here in Kingscliff!

1. Master your timeline

While weddings would typically follow the ceremony, then cocktail hour, then reception format, a brunch wedding might see guests gathering for a coffee or tea, enjoying the ceremony, and then immediately taking their seats at the brunch table to celebrate. 

However you choose to structure your celebration, make sure guests know the plan (maybe with a program or posters on easels) so they’re not left guessing the somewhat unfamiliar schedule!

2. Set up a mimosa bar

Nothing says brunch like mimosas… At Babalou, we love working on speciality bars and custom cocktails, so your dream of a mimosa bar could easily become a reality!

We could explore different flavours using different juices, and either run the bar as a station during your event, or offer guests a mimosa post-ceremony in place of the traditional champagne.

3. Keep the decor morning-appropriate

Some typical wedding elements (like candles, fairy lights and dance floors) just won’t be suited to a brunch wedding for obvious reasons. Instead, our event planners recommend keeping things naturally light and bright—this could include the scheme of your napery, florals, and even what you wear.

4. Offer a variety of brunch foods

One of the major drawcards of a brunch wedding is the menu! At Babalou, we offer a brunch package that features delicious shared dishes including brioche French toast with ricotta and maple, smoked ham on the bone, and cured salmon with creme fraiche and capers on toasted sourdough.

Instead of a wedding cake, you could even offer a stack of pancakes or waffles! You can read more about our favourite wedding cake alternatives here.

5. Make plans for afterwards

While receptions typically kick-on until later in the night, your brunch reception will probably wrap up just after lunchtime, leaving the whole day for more wedding fun!

You could opt to move willing guests to another location to keep the party going, keep your close family around to celebrate in a more intimate way, or send everyone home to reconvene (in more party-friendly outfits) later in the evening.