Wedding Trends: Our Predictions for Autumn 2021

Out with the old and in with the new! With the change of seasons comes countless fabulous wedding trends. It was a tough call but we’ve narrowed down our top five trends for autumn weddings in the Tweed Coast for 2021! 

1. Autumn colour palette

Neutral tones mixed with burgundy, burnt orange, red, shady green and bluish hues, the autumn colour palette is one of the biggest draws of an autumn wedding. Incorporating these colours through native bouquets, broaches and ties, or table decorations is a great way to add vibrancy, colour, and a bit of boho flair to your special day.

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2. Emphasis on video

If pictures say a thousand words, then video says a million! Video is becoming the leading way for couples to tell the story of their wedding day by sharing moments captured in their purest forms. It also allows couples to show their personality and creative flair. We have also seen an increase in the incorporation of film, conveying a vintage and nostalgic feel which is sure to continue into autumn.

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3. Sustainable practices

With couples being more eco-conscious than ever, expect to see single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials swapped out for more sustainable alternatives. Biodegradable confetti is our personal favourite, including rose petal confetti. 

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4. Weekday weddings

Locking in a date at your preferred venue can be tricky when limited to weekends. Expect to see an increase in weekday weddings during autumn, as weekend dates fill up fast. That doesn’t make weekday weddings any less  special; Wednesday is actually considered the luckiest day to get married! With suppliers and venues opening up weekday slots, weekday weddings may be a great way to capitalise on some of the other autumn trends, especially if you plan on making the most of our special ‘I Do’ offer for weddings in July, August, November or December 2021. Besides, who doesn’t love a day off work?

5. Increase in greenery

Floral decoration is a given at weddings, but this trend kicks it up a notch. Expect to see an increase in greenery incorporated as floral arrangements, centrepieces and adorning arches this autumn. Adding more green touches is a great way of infusing your special day with colour and nature.

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