Wedding Trends Every Bride-To-Be Should Know About

It’s hard to believe we’re talking about 2020 weddings, but for the beautiful brides-to-be who are walking down the aisle in the New Year, we’ve put together a list of our theme predictions to help you bring your special day to life.

Sustainable/ Eco-Friendly

In keeping with the current political climate, cutting back on unnecessary waste and being as environmentally friendly as possible is the hottest theme around – especially for weddings.

From using locally sourced produce to promising a commitment to zero waste, there are a tonne of ways your wedding planning can be eco-friendly. These particular 2020 wedding theme ideas have couples sharing flowers, swapping plastic for paper, and offering to replant trees as a wedding commitment. Not only is this idea great for the environment, it’s fantastic for your wedding budget too!

Large Florals

Another 2020 wedding theme we think will be extremely popular is florals! 2020 is the year to go HUGE with your floral arrangements – incorporate different shapes and textures, with bold colours and you’ll have a winning combination. For those who opt for this theme, it’s recommended that the dress and overall wedding decor remains quite subtle to give your florals their moment in the spotlight. We promise it’ll be worth it.

Have a chat to your florist about how best to combine your favourite colours, as well as the particular scents that flowers can bring to your special occasion. This theme isn’t limited to just your bouquet either – it also applies to table centrepieces, edible flowers on the wedding cake, hair pieces and so much more.

Modern Elegance

Let’s take a short break from wedding themes and talk about the dress for a second…

As the new year approaches, we’re seeing a strong move toward gorgeous gowns with hidden and intricate elements. We’re talking dresses with pockets, slim fitting dresses with larger (and removable) outer skirts, statement sleeves, and elegant high neck numbers as well.

Breathtaking Lighting

It’s all about the ambiance, right? So…..light it up!

Another wedding theme we’re loving for the 2020 season is some seriously sensational lighting. Lights are often the first thing people notice, and they set the tone and mood for many events.

With videography being increasingly more popular at weddings, the perfect lighting set up has never been more important. As always, customisable neon signage and lights continues to have great success, and they’re a fantastic keepsake if you have the space.

So, take a moment to imagine what a sensation your wedding celebration will be when you’re ushering your guests in with stunning fairy lights or neon letters!


When thinking about a ‘wanderlust’ theme wedding, we’re not talking travel photos pinned to the walls, but instead hosting your wedding in an extraordinary setting.

We’re so fortunate here at Babalou Weddings & Events to be situated right by the beach, with stunning views of the ocean and surrounding Kingscliff area – making our beautiful venue the perfect spot for you to create your own Wanderlust wedding.

Regardless of whether you opt for an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family, or a more extravagant affair, here at Babalou the options are endless, and our wonderful team will work with you to ensure you have an unforgettable day.